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Helping Women Create a Life of Balance and Purpose They Love

Hello, I'm Billy McLean

I'm an Aussie mum, author, coach and entrepreneur. 

After working in many industries & becoming frustrated, as an employee, network marketer and contractor, I realised the common theme of my frustration and restlessness was that the frameworks were not mine. I wanted to unleash my gifts & purpose by creating my own framework that I could thrive in; so I entered the world of entrepreneurship. 

I love connecting with nature through gardening, bushwalking and camping, and find these passions refreshing & calming in the midst of the constant busyness of modern life. I totally encourage people to take time out in nature to slow down and channel all those creative ideas that come when you give them time & space. 

 My ultimate goal is to get women reinvigorated; about their choices, their potential and their purpose. This sets women on a journey to rediscover their inspiration & ultimately follow their unique path.

I believe everyone has ideas that are worth sharing with the world!
Receive my three motivating reasons for sharing your little ideas with the world. 

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