Why stuff is called 'baggage' Part 1
Through iso, I started the decluterring process (again...), and WOW what an emotional rollercoaster!  

I have stuff that really is NOT serving me, or my family (who really needs a trinket from an ex-boyfriend that has sat in a box for over 14... maybe 17 years??)  

Now, if you've been to my house (or know me at all!), you'd know that I'm never going to win prizes for the tidiest house, and my place will not make me an "insta-mum" (unless I macro shot a small square of my bench after offloading the dishes to another section of bench!). And though I try so hard to keep things tidy; it's just not that easy for me. I have no idea how people (especially those with kids!) keep their house sooo tidy!!  

As I was going through stuff... a few thoughts hit me.  

Firstly, there was so much RUBBISH in our house; like literally things that were either used up (like empty sticker sheets) or broken or just plain useless. It has somehow made it's way into our place; whether deliberately purchased or randomly acquired, and then got put somewhere and forgotten about. Cue 3 recycling bins & 2 wheelie bins FULL! 

Secondly, the TIME. It's taking so long to go through everything; sorting, tidying & making sure what I keep is actually useful, still fits the girls (clothes), brings joy, needed... whatever. But basically seeing if these things need to be in our home. So many times the answer is no. And it's literally taken DAYS (& a big thanks to those who have helped me along the way!!)

But not only time, it takes ENERGY; emotional and physical... and it's completely draining. And for what end? This to me is the most frustrating of all. I am expending energy on things I don't need or want and it means that energy (& time) can't be spent on things I love & cherish (like family adventures, gardening etc). 

 Yes; stuff IS actually baggage! And we seem to lug it around with us, and acquire more so easily. And to really & truly declutter, it's not just getting rid of what we don't need. It's about changing our mindset so it's not just another regular task on our ever-growing to-do list.

So here's to new week of #motivation and getting rid of even more stuff so I can enjoy what I have around me!  

"Keep On Task" Diffuser Recipe
4 drops Lemon EO
3 drops Peppermint EO
2 drops Rosemary EO

#watchthisspace for how I'm tackling our baggage issue in Part 2!


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