Why everyone should be growing their greens
I’ll admit; I am bias. I became a garden lover at a very young age; I remember carefully re-arranging both the gnomes AND plants in my little garden I created in a shady spot, beside the garage & under the willow tree. You had to duck under a branch to get access & that was like the doorway to our magical world.

Fast forward and my garden now is very much dominated by edibles; mainly of the leafy green variety! Friends know they are welcome to grab what they need when they come over; there’s always plenty to share!

Greens are so important to our health; they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre and also low in calories. Wins all round!! Thing is; most of us don’t consume nearly enough of them. 

But, why? 

Well… they aren’t all that appealing to many people; the look, the taste… the preparation? I'm not sure if it's just one, or a combo that turns people off. Or the fact that most "convenient" foods don't contain leafy greens? 

And the cost; especially when they go soggy in the fridge and become less than appealing overnight. So a LOT of bought greens get chucked. What a waste. 

When you grow your own greens; you reclaim some of your fridge space! No longer is half the veggie drawer filled with a bunch of spinach! No; it’s in the garden growing till the time you need it. Perfectly fresh & ready when you need them! 

If there’s some that aren’t as palatable to you; there’s a whole range out there to choose from; each with their individual flavour, preferred growing conditions & nutrient profile (variety is so good for us!). 

And it’s not that difficult; you don’t need a lot of space or spend a lot of money. With a few pointers you can have your greens growing in no time! Check out my new course right here (half price pre-sale on now!)


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