Are you actually SORRY?
We do this all the time: 
Sorry I was late. 
I forgot to clean up. 
Sorry for the inconvenience, but... 
I forgot to do that for you, but...
But are you really?? 
Are you actually "sorry" or is it actually an excuse for ranking other things as a higher priority? 
Did you "forget" or is it actually an excuse for ranking other things as a higher priority?
OUCH. 😬 

Maybe you were late because the kids had an accident and you needed to deal with it, or you wanted to put on make up so you could enjoy the experience more. That's ok; but are you "sorry" you are late? Are you sorry for doing those things? If so, say it. If not; then don't. 
Maybe you didn't advertise your course because you were scared people just might sign up! Or that none would. Maybe you didn't call that prospect because you were scared of their response to your call.
That's ok; but did you "forget" to do those tasks? Or did you just NOT do them? If so, acknowledge it. If not, then don't use 'forgot'.
Both 'forgot' and 'sorry' are not excuses; they are words that have other meanings but are used so often to excuse behaviour that is far from their intended use. 

If you are genuinely sorry for something that you did/didn't do; then say so and ask for forgiveness. 
If not; then use a different phrase, ie. "Thank you for waiting for me."
If you genuinely forgot about something; then say so, acknowledge the fact & correct it if possible or own the consequences. 
If not; then it's an opportunity to look into the WHY of the inaction/action and look deeper into the issue. You may just find it's a recurring one... 
Our words are powerful and our language, to both others and ourselves, has a huge impact on our success, and life in general. 

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