Did you celebrate your baby steps?
Do you remember your first steps? Maybe not... but do you remember your kids' first steps? 

I remember my both my girls first steps very well. My first daughter took her first steps in my husband’s office in our old house and walked three steps between me and my husband. I was standing near the door; he was sitting in his office chair. I can recall that image perfectly and the joy on her face as she did it. And my second daughter, her first steps were in my sisters kitchen; it was like the world opened up for her! The look of amazement , joy and satisfaction that she had when she walked those first steps was gold!

Do you have that same joy when you make first steps in a new area in life? Maybe it was when you finished a hobby project, coached your first client, created that first page on your website... or even when you just decided that THIS is your business & you’re committing to it. 

These baby steps, these first steps, are SO critical to our long term trajectory, yet we often gloss over them and don’t celebrate them as we should. Baby steps are small, but so vital and they should be celebrated! Remind yourself that these are amazing things & that you’ve taken the BIG first step and now each step along the way is a little easier, because you’ve taken those baby steps. 

So when you think about your first steps, your baby steps, think about them with that little smile that you get when you have fun memories... oh do you remember the time when I ran my first workshop? (Probably wasn’t “perfect”, but it’s done! And people enjoyed it!) 
There should be a sense of achievement & perhaps a little nostalgia, just like your kids when they first took their first steps. 

Chances are your kids may not remember their baby steps as well as you do. Last week I was reminded of this when a friend said to me "WOW! Your voice is more confident than when I met you four years ago." We hadn’t seen each other for a couple of years, and she noted a lot of little changes that I had just taken for granted.  Just to be reminded of that was a blessing. 

So remember if you see someone else who is taking their baby steps, taking the first steps towards their goals and dreams, whether it’s in business or whether it’s in another area of life, remind them of these small steps, so that they too can be reminded of the leaps and bounds that started from something small. 

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