Be still and know that I am NOT God...

Be still and know that I am NOT God...
Be still and know that I am God. Ps 46:10

I've heard & read that verse so many times. And tonight, as I was coming out for some late-night, kid-free shopping, that verse popped into my head.

Sometimes our thoughts are all messy & we need time to sort them. And the only time that we have is when we are still; when we're not hustling and bustling in the busy-ness (business) of life.

Today, before I drove out shopping, it was a bit crazy. Let's just say we’ve got a few tired, stressed people in the house at the moment and emotions were high running through the whole family.

I needed some time out. And so I went to my place where I usually get some alone time; the garden. Though tonight I didn't feel like gardening much; I just wanted to sit, be still and be alone.

Not long after my youngest daughter came out. She came over to me; I was sitting on the edge of the veranda, leaning against the green wheelie bin full of weeds. She was silent for a moment and then said softly & with some concern, “Mummy; you look very lonely.”

“I'm just having some alone time.” (That’s our way of saying that we need a bit of space in our family).

“Mummy. Do you mind if I sit here with you, so you're not lonely & share your alone time?”

Now, let’s be honest, usually I’m having alone time to be a little further away from my kids (love them to bits, but I’m sure many mums out there can attest to how good some time apart is!)
Usually I would say no. I quite enjoy my alone time… alone.

Today though, she understood that I was wanting to sit quietly and to have rest. So she sat with me and started telling me stories. I watched her imagination run wild with a stick she had found weeks ago at the river and had become her prized possession (when she could find it! Lol). It was really a purple FLAME SWORD in disguise; when you press the button, it lights up purple flames go everywhere. I love hearing the impossible become plausible!

And so she said on my lap and I gave her a cuddle as the sun was just starting to set. We were still.
We didn't have to go anywhere, we weren't running or dancing or chasing anyone.
We were just sitting and watching the world go by; the peach tree with fruit almost ready to pick, the plum tree and the apple trees with green little fruit starting to show and the rest of street too far away to care about. And we could hear the birds winding down for the day too.
And so as I was driving to my shopping, with the girls tucked in bed, I was reflecting on the day.
Be still and know that I am God.

Then it hit me. I am NOT God. I don't need to know everything, do everything, be everything. It's not my responsibility. Everything is not my responsibility.
My responsibility is to live out my purpose on this world as a “mere mortal”.
My responsibility is to do what God has given me to do: not to do what He is supposed to do.
OR what someone else's supposed to do, because that then leaves my purpose vacant & unfulfilled. I'm here to do what I was put on this earth to do: to help others, to serve others and to be the best version of me that I can be. (That means we need to keep learning: never stop learning!)

I need to ensure that what I am doing is MY path. I'm not walking down someone else’s path; I’m not dragging others onto mine. And going in the direction that I'm designed to go in; not the direction someone else's told me I should go in.

And to do that, I need to be still every now and then; I need to know & remember that I am not God.

And frankly; when I sit & think about it; I’m totally OK with NOT being God. :) 

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Why everyone should be growing their greens

Why everyone should be growing their greens
Greens are so important to our health; they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre and also low in calories. Wins all round!! Thing is; most of us don’t consume nearly enough of them. 

But, why?

Lockdown 2.0

Lockdown 2.0
Last week was… ummm… Disappointing? Frustrating? Confusing? Mentally Draining?

If nothing else, it’s unprecedented. Yep; I'm in Melbourne and we've just been put in lockdown again for 6 weeks... 

And that means we are again in unchartered waters & trying to navigate our way without a lot of direction.

From my point of view, this puts a lot of strain on us mentally & we constantly THINK about all the possibilities, and well right now, we can’t put many of them to rest.

But we are not powerless; and we CAN do things. There may be restrictions, but we can still do a lot! Think about it…

We can enjoy our homes! That might sound crazy, but we often leave our largest investment (or what we fork a large portion of our pay into!) every day for ‘better places’. We now have the opportunity to spend more time here and do some things we have thought about doing in down time; like puzzles, craft, knitting, painting, woodwork… whatever it might be for you! Take the chance to do it.

I deliberately didn’t get a puzzle out last iso because I wanted to be productive & get lots of work/decluttering… “quaran-cleaning”. So I didn’t get a big puzzle out.

But now I will. I have a plan. And here is the basics:

  1. I will do a puzzle… and just maybe start another once I've finished my first! 
  2. The house needs to stay a *little* bit tidier than last time… meaning having a kid’s tepee in the walkway for over two weeks is just a tad annoying.
  3. Doing the dishes daily; even if it’s a small load. We always put on the dishwasher, but the odd things that didn’t go in there… well, they just accumulated!
  4. Outside every day; gardening, riding, walking whatever; it calms the stress, good exercise and lifts the mood, which I think is sooo important right now!
  5. Cook nutritious meals every OTHER day… and eat the leftovers in between. I do love cooking, but I don’t want to spend every day in the kitchen! So I’m going to make sure I double (or triple) each recipe so I can freeze or have a second meal the next day!
Nothing to do with big trips or outings or coffee dates. And even if we do need to do complete self-isolation/lockdown for a time; that’s ok!

Love to hear what your plans are for the next few weeks (even if you aren't in lockdown!!)

“We Can Do This!” Diffuser Blend
5 drops Believe essential oil blend
5 drops Kunzea essential oil     
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How I came to love diffusing...

How I came to love diffusing...

Almost 5 years ago, I visited a friend with my new bub, Miss L and I remember sitting in her front room with a cup of tea and talking; mostly about how Miss L was quite unsettled and wouldn't resettle herself after each sleep cycle... and hence, even overnight an hour or so (maybe 2hrs if she was asleep on myself or my hubby!) was the longest she slept.

At the time, I thought that I couldn't get any more sleep deprived than that (however, I now know that is not true... but that's another story!), but after coping quite well with my first born's new bub months... I was quite out of my depth & felt extremely out of control. 
I can't remember what advice my friend gave, and I had no "light-bulb" moment from that conversation, but I remember what happened afterwards.

My little Miss fell asleep in the car (as usual), and I expected her to wake when I transferred her.

But no, to my absolute joy; she transferred.

And slept.

She slept for almost 5hrs! (and yes, I did keep checking on her... over & over 😆)

I mentioned this to my friend about a week later, and she said she "diffused" this particular essential oil blend whenever kids came over to help them be calm in an unfamiliar environment. I had no idea really what she was talking about; though from the results of another visit (& 5 more hours of sleep!) I had to investigate more. 

Diffusing essential oils became part of our daily lives; to calm, invigorate or get rid of stinky smells! There are so many benefits to diffusing, and my girls both now ask for their favourite blends depending on how they are feeling at the time. 

It's such a good feeling to be able to empower my daughters to care for themselves and be in tune with what their bodies are feeling; and they are still quite young! 

Want to learn how to empower your kids & help them identify and work through their emotions? Reach out to me below and I'd love to chat!

Why writing Part 2 is so HARD... My own 'baggage' revealed

Why writing Part 2 is so HARD... My own 'baggage' revealed
So a week ago I wrote about Why stuff is called ‘baggage’ and when I finished that blog, I had a million & one ideas on a Part 2 on the practical elements of how to get rid of stuff; how to sort, tidy and store items, how to deem it keep-worthy or trash-worthy… and so on… and on… and on…It was going to be THE BEST and totally AMAZING!! 

I had so many ideas I, firstly, didn’t know where to start and secondly, I didn’t want to forget or miss out on ANYTHING (that would be doing you guys an injustice, right?).

So I wrote a grand total of… nothing.

Yep; nothing. Zero words got written, well actually it would have been typed, but the end result was that there’s still a blank Word document open on my computer with the heading “Part 2”.

And why?

Because I wanted it to be perfect; and nothing less. I wanted every reader (which by the way, at the moment would likely be less than 50!) to come away with it feeling like they could change the world by firstly decluttering the baggage in their home, so they were free of their (assumed) chains and soar high with the wind in their hair (I’m thinking Rose on the front of Titanic, minus the big boat).

And frankly, in my head, if I didn’t write that perfect blog that met EVERY reader’s needs and wants and icing-on-the-cake; then why bother?

So, truth be told, I haven’t started. (But I will when I have all the pieces & stars aligned! So I told myself...)

Maybe you are reading this and thinking “Ummm… WOW! How silly/arrogant/dreamy/deluded is that??!”

But can I ask; have you ever had a plan, a simple one that you have then thought about soooo much that you blew it out of portion and then actually never finished; well, if we’re being honest, never even started?

Maybe it was signing up to a gym (I like fitness ones, because pretty much everyone has thought of one in the not-so-distant past)… but then if you signed up, imagine the GUNS you’d have!! You’d have a six pack, be able to pull an aeroplane AND compete in the next Olympics! Just imagine!!

Or you’d feel obliged to go at least once a day, nay twice to get the best value AND you’ll need to get gym clothes, new sneakers and buy electrolyte drinks… which feels like a tonne of effort, and well frankly, we are so busy anyway… Let’s just not. 

Do you see how our thoughts just go off on their own little make-believe journey??

Sometimes (quite often actually!), we psych ourselves out of the relatively small, simple tasks because we are either afraid of the possible success or scared that if we don’t do 100%+ then we’ll fail and it will be worth nothing. There’s no in between, only absolutes.

If everyone who reads it LOVES it, and shares it and fly off into the sunset on wings free of clutter… YES!!!! I can celebrate with them and who doesn’t love a big party?? Then I’ll be doing tours & speaking to thousands of people and… and… and… (All from one blog post, right?! You laugh, but I’m sure your thoughts have shot for the stars with ‘what if’s?’ too!)

And if no one reads it or no one gets anything from it; well… what a waste of time & effort and obviously it wasn’t “just right” and I didn’t hit whatever mark I was looking for. (Negative Nancy is sitting right here…)

But what if I write the blog and less than half the people do absolutely ANYTHING associated with my advice; am I a total failure? No; I have actually helped people on their journey! I have “achieved” by giving to those who have appreciated my writing and it just might be the little nudge they needed.

And honestly, the last one is probably closest to the reality. And that is totally fine. J  

Also, in none of those scenarios does anything physically bad happen to me or the people around me. And for many of our goals that’s just it; we think of all these possibilities and get bogged down with “analysis paralysis” or are so scared of ANY outcome that we just fail to launch; period.

So here’s to rethinking our goals and what amounts as a ‘success’, and to remembering that our thoughts have a LOT of power in how we feel about our achievements (or perceived lack-there-of).

I will write Part 2; and it won't be perfect, and it's as unlikely I'll be asked to speak about it as it is that no one will read it, but it WILL be done. And I will have achieved my goal; and therefore will be successful.

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