Loss & Opportunity: Life Changes with Motherhood

Loss & Opportunity: Life Changes with Motherhood
Before having kids, I loved to travel; and when I traveled I always stayed with locals. I loved interacting and learning from everyone and sharing my experiences with them too; I even chose a university degree that I thought would take me to the ends of the earth, literally!

When my little ones came into our life, I was determined to still travel (I can hear the giggles from seasoned-mums…). But it wasn’t the same; there was so much more to travelling now; I felt like we lugged half the house with us and came back more drained & tired than when we left. Not to mention the COST!!  

I love my girls and I wanted to share with them the world I love, but after a couple of “failed” trips… I felt that I had lost, and I needed to accept that I was now a mum, and that meant giving up some of these things I loved.

I was lost. Not just on the travel front; I gave up my career, not entirely by choice, but because my job wasn’t compatible with little kids (unless I didn’t see them on weekdays… No thanks!) and I flipped between being grateful to spend time at home with my kids and nervous that my life was over.

Sound familiar?

My head was FULL of conflicting thoughts and rivaling ideas; stay home and enjoy the life… get a job to show everyone your worth! Just do SOMETHING!!

With a new bub that refused to sleep, I was just about done. Exhausted, lost and feeling completely out of control.
I had been introduced to some products which, to be honest, I didn’t pay attention to because I had no mental space left!
But when my bub was asleep for 5 hours straight; I was more than curious. 

As the year progressed (and more sleep was had by all!), I learnt more and fell in love with the results we were having. AND I heard about the opportunity to regain being me (including some travel!!); and naturally, I was all for it.

Since then I have met so many wonderful women (mostly other mums), travelled with both them and my family, and been given so many opportunities to teach, learn and share! 

And now I’m on a mission to give other mums the opportunity to be at home AND embrace their own self.   

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