Becky's Cookbook for a Cause

A little e-book with BIG benefits. 

Becky's story

Becky loves to cook! Ever since she was small, she has been in the kitchen, helping her mum with baking & cooking. Since she's learnt to write, she has been creating recipes and writing down the steps to 'remind' mum how to do it! 

Becky also has generous heart; when she learnt that there are children that aren't able to be with their families, or are lost. She wanted to help them out. As a 7 year old, she doesn't fully understand how kids can be trafficked & taken from their families, but she knows that it's not good, and that these kids need help. She wants to help make sure they have food, clothes and toys, so they can have fun too. 

So Becky put together this recipe book, and is donating 50% of the cover price to Shield of the Children, so that they can use the money to help these kids. 

Recipes incude: 
- Apple salad with balsamic dressing
- Aunty Jenny's chicken "bones" (aka drumsticks)
- Choc-banana muffins  

If you'd like to learn more about what Shield of the Children does, please click here.

All these recipes are regularly cooked in Becky's house; and she quite often does most of the cooking (hint to all the parents!!).

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Who are Shield of the Children? 

Shield of the Children are a nonprofit organization focused on eradicating child-sex trafficking. Our highly trained and vetted operators investigate and collaborate with law enforcement to bring traffickers to justice and free children from slavery.

Shield of the Children not only rescue children from these horrendous conditions, but also collaborate with law enforcement to bring traffickers to justice.

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