Sometimes You Just Need an Outside Perspective
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Get out of your head 
Do you have a million and one thoughts buzzing in your head? So much so that you end up getting nothing done? 

Do you have brilliant ideas, but get so overwhelmed when trying to work out how to actually move forward with even just one of them? 

Do you get to the end of the day and feel like you've been run off your feet, really BUSY, but have nothing to show for it? 


Let's get those thoughts working FOR you; and get rid of that overwhelm, so you've got an action plan that is tailored to you; and achievable for you. 

Not sure if your ideas are "good"...?
I believe everyone has ideas that are worth sharing with the world! 

Without new ideas, we would not have progressed to where we are now... and that progression is always changing & developing as more people put their ideas into the mix. 

Want to know WHY I believe your ideas are valuable & worth sharing? Click below to get my top 3 reasons! 

What My Clients Are Saying

"I’m so grateful for Belinda’s coaching and assistance. For months I sat on a Mason Jar Salad Secrets pop-up group idea but life was busy and I kept pushing it aside. Within a few weeks of my initial session with Belinda; my pop-up group happened and was a fabulous success!

From then I have created a paid course and already have people signed up!! This truly makes me so happy!!

Without Belinda’s sage words of advice and her ability to bring me back to “what actually needs to be done right now” I wouldn’t have been able to push aside the overwhelm and actually get tasks done.

She is so amazing to work with, truly, she has been integral in my getting stuff done and achieving my goals. I’ll definitely be working with Belinda on an ongoing basis."
~ Leanne C.

Who is Billy McLean?  

Billy McLean is an Aussie mum, author and entrepreneur. She lives in Victoria with her family and runs a small coaching & consultancy business. With clients all over the world, she is building a community of women who are turning their little ideas into big business.

Billy is an advocate in expressing those pie-in-the-sky dreams and pursuing the ideas that let your skills & value shine. Her ultimate goal is to get people thinking for themselves; about the choices they make, the potential they have between their ears and finding their unique path & hence their unique success. She also knows that the journey is an adventure of discovery in itself. 

Billy loves connecting with nature through gardening, bushwalking and camping, and finds these passions refreshing & calming in the midst of the constant busyness of modern life. She advocates time out in nature to slow down and channel all those creative ideas that come when you give them time & space. 



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