Wondering what to do with all your ideas?

As an entrepreneur & business owner, we have lots of ideas; "what if I could..." & "I can tweak that...", but how do they all fit together? 

When we follow our own path, and allow ourselves to expand our creative minds, the ideas flow... not a trickle, but a FLOOD. How awesome!! 

But then what do you do? How do you make sense of it all, and work it into a cohesive form that you can visualise how to move forward and actually bring those ideas into reality. 

Let's create your own business solar system. 

First we'll dive into what your SUN is: the reason you are doing this business in the first place. Your why, your purpose... there's lots of different names, but everything in your business revolves around it!

Then we'll delve into your PLANETS & SATELLITES, the marketable products that you can offer your clients. This is where your ideas come into their own. We'll look at ones you've thought of and add a few more if you're willing!

And lastly, you'll choose one to work on now, and action steps to kick off the journey. You never leave a session with me without having your next step worked out! 

Who's my coach?
Billy McLean is an ideas coach & mentor, and loves to work with those pie-in-the-sky dreams. She brings structure and action plans to flip those ideas into action, ensuring that the unique values & skills of her clients shine.  

Billy transforms your scattered thoughts into a series of ordered questions & answers, so you can clearly think through the structures and processes for your collaboration. If you have decisions to make, Billy will equip you to make informed choices for a smoother path. 

You'll need pen & paper for this course; you won't be going away empty handed! By the end of it, you'll have: 
- a complete picture of how all those ideas in your head fit together and relate to each other
- The first steps for your next offer for your customers 

You NEVER leave a session with me without having your next step forward.  With clarity comes confidence and motivation to get it done!!  

This is a stand alone course, but is also the first in the Ideas to Action series. 
Get Your Solar System Sorted!!
Find clarity and motivation with one of these two packages: 
Mastery Package ~
- 2 hour design your solar system course
- worksheets to complete 
- Private FB group 

VIP Package ~
- 2 hour design your solar system course
- worksheets to complete 
- Private FB group
- 1 hour 1:1 coaching session with Billy within 2 weeks of signing up, so you can further refine your business solar system.    



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