Little Ideas, Big Business
5 Steps to Turn Your Ideas into a Business

Little Ideas, Big Business

Have you got ideas buzzing around your head that you’d love to turn into business?

Do you know that you’ve got more to give than your everyday J.O.B.?

Then this one’s for you!

Everyone has valuable & unique ideas that are just waiting to be realised; so why doesn’t everyone just do it?? What’s holding people back when starting their own business? We’ll look into that!

Not many know where to start or even how to sort their ideas into something that they can work with. So often the overwhelm from so many thoughts makes people give up before they even start. I’ll give you a 5 step formula so that doesn’t have to be you!

And for those who actually get a finished product out there… they don’t know what to do next & all that work & energy falls into a heap & they are a one-hit wonder. We’ll look at Version 2.0 & beyond as well!  

If that sounds like what you need… then let’s get started on turning your ideas into business!

Available in paperback & ebook. 

My Ideas Workspace

Have you got ideas buzzing around your head that you’d love to turn into business?

So many people have amazing ideas and want to share these with the world; however they don't have a framework to develop these ideas into a useful product for market. His workbook guides you through the process of refining your ideas, finding your focus and developing an action plan to bring your ideas to life.

It's like having Billy McLean, author, ideas coach & mentor, guiding you through the process; with her commentary along with spaces to fill with your unique thoughts and ideas. This is NOT a blank notebook; it guides you from the very beginning so you come away with a fully fledged action plan and a clear path to take.

Get ready to put those ideas into ACTION!!


Who is Billy McLean?

Billy McLean is an Aussie mum, author, coach and entrepreneur. 

After working in many industries & becoming frustrated, as an employee, network marketer and contractor, she realised the common theme of her frustration and restlessness was that the frameworks were not her own. She wanted to unleash her gifts & purpose by creating her own business that she could thrive in; so she entered the world of entrepreneurship. 

Billy loves connecting with nature through gardening, bushwalking and camping, and finds these passions refreshing & calming in the midst of the constant busyness of modern life. She advocates time out in nature to slow down and channel all those creative ideas that come when you give them time & space. 

Her ultimate goal is to get women reinvigorated; about their choices, their potential and their purpose. She sets women on a journey to rediscover their inspiration & ultimately follow their unique path. 



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