How many of your ideas have you actually acted on? 

Having an idea is not enough to build a business. You need action.  

Entreprenuers are great at having ideas; it makes up part of what we are! The problem comes when we have SO many ideas, that we want to do them all NOW. You get it, right? 

Problem is, if you try and execute all your ideas at once, you'll likely end up with 10 unfinished projects; exhausted and with nothing to actually take to market. Sound familiar?
What if we took just ONE of those ideas, and created a plan takes you from start to finish, in your way, on your time? One that doesn't skip the important steps and cause your plan to blow out and take forever? 

If you've seen my Business Solar System model; you'll know that planets are marketable items for your customer. If not, now you know! Planets make up the majority of your business products and are what you get paid for. No planets = no income. No income = frustration & no business. 

So let's create your first planet!   

First we'll look at your planet and how it relates to your SUN, making sure it's a good fit for your business. We don't want to waste time on something that your customers can't utilise.

Then we'll delve into the Action Plan for your planet; the actual steps you need to take to creat your planet, and deliver it to your customers. We'll be looking at how to order& categorise these actions so you can conserve your energy while delivering what your customer needs.

And lastly, you'll choose the actions to work on NOW, and action steps to kick off the journey. You never leave a session with me without having your next step worked out! 

Who's my coach?
Billy McLean is an ideas coach & mentor, and loves to work with those pie-in-the-sky dreams. She brings structure and action plans to flip those ideas into action, ensuring that the unique values & skills of her clients shine.  

Billy transforms your scattered thoughts into a series of ordered questions & answers, so you can clearly think through the structures and processes for your collaboration. If you have decisions to make, Billy will equip you to make informed choices for a smoother path. 

You'll need pen & paper for this WORKshop; you won't be going away empty handed! By the end of it, you'll have: 
- a complete action plan for your next planet (product offering for your customer)
- The first steps to put your plan into action 

You NEVER leave a session with me without having your next step forward.  With clarity comes confidence and motivation to get it done!!  

This is a stand alone workshop, but is also the second in the Ideas to Action series. 
Put your Planets into Action!!
Find clarity and motivation with one of these two packages: 
(Add on the Design Your Business Solar System course to either package for US$59/AU$79)
Mastery Package ~
- 2 hour Planets in Action workshop
- worksheets to complete 
- Private FB group 
- workshop recording

VIP Package ~
- 2 hour Planets in Action workshop
- worksheets to complete 
- Private FB group
- workshop recording
- 1 hour 1:1 coaching session with Billy within 2 weeks of signing up, so you can further refine your business solar system.    



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