I get the pleasure of speaking with many women entrepreneurs; some have just started their journey and others have been in the game a while. All these women have a story to share & help others reach their potential sooner!
Here's what they have to say... 

Episode 3: How Personality Colours Influence Business Relationships
Guest: Becky Wynne

Ever feel like someone just doesn't "get" you? And there's other people you click with right away? 

Becky Wynne describes how personality colours can help us relate to ALL people and describes the strengths & weaknesses of the different colours, so we can all move forward successfully in our relationships. 

Episode 2: Pinterest for Business
Guest: Emily Cleghorn

Have you ever thought of using Pinterest for promoting your business...?

Emily Cleghorn shares with us how she grew her entire business on Pinterest and some of the practical aspects to Pinterest.
Great for both Pinterest newbies (like me!) and those who want to shift from searching for DIY recipes, to building a new audience for their business.

Episode 1: The importance of Websites & Branding
Guest: Nicole Stevenson

Two big questions are answered in this podcast:
1. What is the purpose of your website? Do you know??
2. If branding is not just a pretty logo... what is it & what does it do for my business?

And a whole lot more!
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