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The Smart Girl Revolution
Redefining Success
Being part of this collaboration has been such a blessing; these amazing women have shared their stories and have so much knowledge to pass on! 

If the promise of success means little or no time to explore what’s meaningful to you, poor physical and mental health, and fractured relationships, then this group was signalling that it was time for a change, and that’s what started the Smart Girl Revolution Project. 

Each of the authors in this book is a Smart Girl… and so are you. Your curiosity, inventiveness and openness are the hallmarks of a smart girl and every author in this book has those attributes in abundance. They have followed the traditional pathway and decided there must be more. Some have built big global businesses around their expertise, while others have kept things small and agile. What each of them has in common is the curiosity to wonder whether there might be a better way, and the vulnerability to share their journey, and what they’ve learned along the way.

The Heart Centred Woman's Guide to Healthy Boundaries
~Lauren da Silva   
If you struggle with the guilt of working from home, being a mum, trying to do ALL the things, and just feeling exhausted, wrecked and pulled in all directions; this is for you!

Lauren uses simply analogies & examples of how we can serve our family, clients AND ourselves so much better if we have healthy boundaries. My biggest takeaway is that boundaries don't mean excluding or pushing people away; they come from a place of love and care. Love the practical worksheets and questions too!  

Soul Modes 
~ Carlie Maree  
You know how one day you feel like you could take on the world & the next you want to crawl up under a doona?? This book explains how to embrace this rollercoaster and use it for your own good! 

Loved reading this book & being able to apply it to myself straight away. A great resource for planning anything (biz, family, life!) & learning how to be OK & actually enjoy those lazy days that appear! 

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die... 
~ Karol K Truman

I think that every adult has experiences that they'd rather forget, but can't. This book looks into the why & how these experiences shape our present, and how we can reprogram our thoughts to build ourselves up, rather than keep us scared and failing. 

I will note that this isn't a "short & easy" read (as most of the books I recommend), but it has been super helpful in overcoming roadblocks and moving forward without making the same familiar mistakes over & over. 

Finish: Give yourself the Gift of Done
~ Jon Acuff 
This book rocked my world! It is the first book in a LONG time that I have actually finished reading... and I didn't even have to PUSH through. Jon delves into perfectionism, the great starting "hurrah!" & why it dwindles... and how to recognise & overcome the obstacles that prevent us from finishing our goals. 

Just brilliant!! 

The Big Leap
~ Gay Hendricks
Have you ever ALMOST achieved success... but then something just seems to get in the way? And you just can't figure out why things don't work out for you... even though you know the "how to" and seen others break through? THIS is the book for you! 

And I highly recommend the sequel The Joy of Genius too!

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils
~ Carolyn L Mein
This book has been great to help realise that some of the physical hurts we have may have an emotional cause. You know when they say the "ache of a broken heart"... it's not just a metaphor! 

Get my copy!

Conscious Language: The Logos of Now
~ Robert Tennyson Stevens
Have you ever thought that your THOUGHTS shape your reality? Take a look into the world of language and see how it can change how you not only talk to yourself, but shape the reality you live in. 



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