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You’ve done all the right things; good grades at school, a great university degree and graduate into an in-demand job. 

You are smart, accomplished and successful... At least by the definitions given to you by your teachers, professors, and parents. 

But you are starting to question if there might be a different definition to explore. Especially as motherhood, and dreams beyond work start to become a bigger part of your life.  

Success is starting to look different now. 

A new definition is being explored by women all over the globe. Three things are becoming a bigger marker of success. More meaningful work, healthier relationships, and better work life balance.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were role models willing to share their journey? Not just big, famous names. But real people, achieving real success.  

This group of quietly successful  Smart Girls might just be the inspiration you need to redefine your own success.

In the first volume of The Smart Girl Revolution, a collection of inspiring women share their stories, strategies and professional and personal success stories.

Welcome to the Smart Girl Revolution!

Billy is an entrepreneur with clients around the globe. She has fantastic tips on how to turn your ideas into action.

Lori has spent her entire career working in male dominated professions. She shares with you tips on how to succeed and lead in these organizations.

Jenae will help you reclaim the balance in your life by re-connecting your mind body and purpose. 

Tobi is the Resilient AF Midlife Mama with solutions for raising your struggling teens.

Sheri is an energetic, recovering perfectionist who offers relatable tips to embrace the mess and keep your life in balance. 

Lynn is a doubly gifted smart girl who is here to guide you on taking small steps to bring about change in your entire life.

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