Get Out of "Stuck" and Be Free to Move Forward!
Do you feel like you're just STUCK?

I remember slumping on the couch one evening watching The Avengers, and thinking "Something has to change: either I quit OR ...." I had nothing for that other option; I was out of ideas. 
I so wanted there to be another option for my business; I was frustrated, burnt out & bleeding money with no return.
If you are, or have been, there you know it feels like the world is on your shoulders and you'd rather be over THERE (ie. anywhere else!). I get it; and I want to reach out to you.

You are not alone.

There is a path forward.
Do you feel there's something in the way of you moving forward with your business or personal life?

Are you procrastinating; stressing about how much time you're wasting, but STILL not able to kick into gear? 

Are you ready to step forward?

In the 5 part "Stuck to Smashing It" Challenge, you'll learn how to use 5 words to work through issues and problems that are weighing you down, and stopping you from being productive and getting things done.

Not only will you be able to tick items off your list and keeping moving, but this will help you reduce stress, improve your overall mood... and dare I say, smile more! 

It's all about smashing your goals, overcoming roadblocks and creating a habit to help you work through problems whenever they come up! 

If you're wanting to take back control of your thought processes; jump on board; you're going to get so much out of it!

What Are You Waiting For,.. Join My 5 Day "Stuck to Smashing It" Challenge!
What you'll get: 
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+ Daily videos outlining the 5 steps
+ Workbook with daily prompts

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Who is Billy McLean?

Billy McLean is an Aussie mum, author, coach and entrepreneur. 

After working in many industries & becoming frustrated, as an employee, network marketer and contractor, she realised the common theme of her frustration and restlessness was that the frameworks were not her own. She wanted to unleash her gifts & purpose by creating her own business that she could thrive in; so she entered the world of entrepreneurship. 

Billy loves connecting with nature through gardening, bushwalking and camping, and finds these passions refreshing & calming in the midst of the constant busyness of modern life. She advocates time out in nature to slow down and channel all those creative ideas that come when you give them time & space. 

Her ultimate goal is to get women reinvigorated; about their choices, their potential and their purpose. She sets women on a journey to rediscover their inspiration & ultimately follow their unique path. 



Copyright Billy (Belinda) McLean